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All values of our EPDM products are absolutely below the PAH limit value and are absolutely harmless and do not pose a risk for the human health or the enviornment.

High-performance solutions


Top athletes want fast surfaces. Running over long distances demands consistent running conditions. Schools and athletic clubs are looking for cushioned playing and athletic surfaces.
Recreational athletes, joggers and children feel more comfortable on a surface which is gentle on the muscles, or they prefer a forest floor.
Athletes want to get their exercise without incurring injuries, in every type of weather.


Athletic surfaces made with Gezolan rubber granules meet all these requirements. Various products help the facility operator, planner and user to select the granule and colour suited for every type of sport.

Your requirement is our success


Today's track and field surfaces have emerged from traditional cinder tracks. With its new technology, Gezolan has played a key role in granular materials from the beginning.
This requires raw materials and extensive processing expertise, which Gezolan has collected lap by lap over the past 40 years. The results of this work are today proudly sold around the world as a "Swiss made" quality product.
That's why Gezolan is often the first to cross the finish line, but the true winners are the athletes and those who pay to keep facilities operating. Gezolan GEZOFLEX rubber granules provide the structure for synthetic surfaces.

Football – in green.
Today, football is the sport of great expectations.
Players want a firm, impact-absorbing and elastic pitch. These demands can often only be met with artificial turf – and Gezolan easily fulfils all these requirements.
Gezolan has the corresponding products, based on EPDM, in various colours and granulations:
GEZOFILL, the alternative in artificial turf.


New Granulogy-Brochure

Granulogy: Success based on knowledge of rubber. Some time ago, we were presented with the challenge of making our knowledge about rubber mixtures easier to understand for non-professionals. Our patented technology is now in its third generation and remains equalled within our...
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FSB exhibition

The Gezolan team ready for a 4 day FSB exhibition!Come visit us!
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