Close to our customers

Our large warehouses allow us to guarantee high availability and fast delivery. Customers around the world benefit from our regional warehouses and distribution centers.

The warehouse at GEZOLAN, with about 8,000 pallet positions, is managed practically around the clock. High flexibility and exact planning processes for the individual products allow us to carry out every customer order on time.

Close to our customers
Additional external warehouses in strategic regions such as the USA or Great Britain, as well as distribution centers in France, Spain and Italy, provide unequalled service for our customers.

New warehouse in the center of Europe

Since 1 March 2021, GEZOLAN extended its logistics and warehousing network with a new transshipment warehouse in Paderborn, Germany and thus further expands the decentralized warehouse structure. GEZOLAN customers benefit from shorter turnaround times, more flexible response options and faster delivery to any location in Central and Western Europe. 

GEZOLAN succeeded in winning over the full-service logistics provider Hartmann International GmbH & Co. KG as a partner. The new warehouse is in the center of Europe and offers excellent connections to the German motorway network and is close to the main airports and freight ports in Europe. Therefore deliveries can be made faster and more flexibly in the future.

For more information please see the Press release on the new warehouse location »