Black recycled rubber granules

GEZOLAN offers black recycled rubber granules for coverings on sports facilities and playgrounds. They are especially suitable for use as a base layer or in combination with colored granules (GEZOFLEX®) on the surface and consist of residual material from industrial production.

Manufactured from new rubber
As opposed to many alternative products, GEZOLAN offers recycled rubber granules from waste rubber from industrial production processes that is as good as new rubber. The recycled granules contain no styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) or rubber from used automobile tires.


Recycled granules with outstanding properties
Conventional recycled rubber granules have lost their positive properties with respect to elasticity and UV resistance as a result of being used (for example as motor vehicle tires). Since GEZOLAN uses granules from industrial waste that have never been used, the elasticity and UV resistance are identical to that of a new product.